Memories of Ollie Johnston by Glen Keane

Posted at Nov 25th, 2011 by AnimDesk.

Ollie Johnston - Disney's Nine Old Men

When we talk about Animation, and 2D especially, we cannot forget about the past and its heritage. It seems nowadays, that animation process is so trivial that we sometimes forget how hard people once worked on creating the animation process we use today.

Ollie was an animator at Walt Disney Studios from the year 1935 to 1978, and became a directing animator beginning with animated films such as: Pinocchio, which was released in 1940. He contributed to most Disney animated features (along with his all time friend Frank Thomas), including the character of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and in the movie Fantasia and as well Bambi. His last full work as an animator for Disney was in the animated film The Rescuers.

Glen Keane, Animator at Disney Animation Studios since 1977, has a really amazing video interview, talking about Ollie Johnston's animation (at disney), and the way he animated the characters we still love today.

Glen also didn't forget to mention Fred Moore's influence on Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas drawings in their animated characters.

Enjoy the interview!