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Andrew Chesworth

Posted at Nov 3rd, 2013 by AnimDesk.

Andrew Chesworth - Character Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios

Andrew Chesworth is an animator currently working for Walt Disney Animation Studios. He was born in Dover, Delaware and moved around to many different cities as his life and career grew.

Growing up drawing a lot of cartoons, Andrew decided to enroll at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he studied animation. After trying his luck (twice), Andrew managed to get into Disney’s Talent Development Program in September of 2011. Now he works full-time at Disney on new and upcoming animated films.

His career has also involved personal animation projects, animation direction, and other animated short films as part of film festivals and various collaborations.

Andrew’s latest projects involve Lauren MacMullan's short film "Get a Horse!" which opened in front of Disney's recent film "Frozen". He worked under the animation supervision of Eric Goldberg and Adam Green on the Mickey Mouse cartoon reconstruction. He worked on "Frozen" and "Wreck-It Ralph" for the past year and more yet to come!

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Daniel Gonzales

Posted at Dec 10th, 2013 by AnimDesk.

We Interviewed Daniel Gonzales - Character Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios

Daniel Gonzales is a former PIXAR Animation Studios animator who currently works at Walt Disney Studios as a character animator. He has been involved in different 3D animated film projects such as: Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, Toy Story 3 and soon to be released Big Hero 6.

Born in San Diego, USA; Daniel moved to Oakland for college and finally ended up learning art (and animation) at California College of the Arts. Starting as an intern at PIXAR Animation Studios, Daniel started to work on Toy Story 3 doing promotional pieces.

Finally after 3 years at PIXAR, Daniel had a chance to move to Disney in order to pursue his new opportunities to be work on new and upcoming feature films.

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Enis Tahsin (Tash) Özgür

Posted at Apr 23rd, 2015 by AnimDesk.

Enis Tahsin (Tash) Özgür - Veteran Character Animator

Tahsin Özgür's is one of the most famous Turkish animators out there. His career has been full of hard work, travels and visits to many legendary animation studios, such as: Disney Paris, Don Bluth Animation Studios, Nelvana, and Richard Williams. Tahsin created and worked on timeless animation projects and on memorable characters.

Tahsin is a professional and veteran animator who started his career at Nelvana studios as an in-betweener on the ambitious feature project Rock & Rule many years ago, and has worked on several animated feature films such as Hercules, Tarzan, All Dogs Go to Heaven and more.

Tahsin has worked with famous animators, directors and supervisors throughout his active animation career, artists such as Glen Keane, Richard Williams, Bill Speers, Ellen Woodbury, Ken Duncan and many more.

Tahsin is now retired from animating on features and is mainly active on his private animation projects. As a retired animator, Tahsin enjoys the freedom to create art in his own unique style and fashion.

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Floyd Norman

Posted at Apr 17th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Floyd Norman - Walt Disney Golden Age Character Animator Floyd began his career at the Walt Disney Animation Studios many years ago, and have worked on more animated feature films and television shows than he can remember. What's really cool however, are the awesome people Floyd knew and worked with throughout his career at Walt Disney's magic factory.

Floyd worked with Walt's famous "Nine Old Men" as well as the top story men who created the Disney animated classics. It was for Floyd an amazing mentoring opportunity as well as a master class in Disney animation.

Floyd's first animated feature film was Walt's masterpiece, "Sleeping Beauty" which wrapped in 1958 and ushered in the Old Maestro's final decade. In 1966 he was blessed with the opportunity to work on the animated film, "The Jungle Book".

Floyd capped off his animation career in 1999 with the Pixar production of "Monster's Inc." and reluctantly "retired" from animation in the year 2001. However, he has never retired from cartoon making. Since that time Floyd worked on several feature and television productions for various studios and I continue doing so even today.

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Frank Abney

Posted at Nov 21st, 2012 by AnimDesk.

Frank Abney - Character Animator

Frank Abney works as an Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a job he he took after leaving 'Eidos Interactive' - 'Crystal Dynamics' Studios, where he worked on the "Tomb Raider" game, a position he took after working at Lightstream Animation Studios as a character animator for a TV show pilot.

Frank grew up in a Suisun, a small from Alameda, CA. He got into the animation business shortly after getting out of college. He learned a lot about all aspects of animation production, until one of his career advisors at the school gave his reel to a company that did online games, which then hired him as a 3d Artist/Animator.

Frank is responsible for character creation, shading, lighting, hair, animation, and rendering and a lot more! His latest works includes "Frozen", and Disney's "Big Hero 6"

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Justin Sklar

Posted at Feb 24th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Justin Sklar - Character Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios

Justin Sklar was born in Owings Mills, MD which is a suburb of Baltimore, MD. After going to high school to pursue fine arts training, he moved to Florida to study computer animation at Ringling College of Art & Design.

Justin started his career in animation by applying to Walt Disney Animation Studios' internship program between his junior and senior years. After graduating from Ringling, he returned to Disney as a trainee. At the end of the six month program, he finally landed a position as an animating assistant on the movie "Wreck-it Ralph".

While at Disney, Justin learned and gained experience from mentors Brent Homman and Adam Green. Both pushed his work to a whole different level, creating better choices and put focus on animation techniques and the process involved.

Justin has been working on Walt Disney latest movie craze “Frozen”, and is finally moving on to work on Disney’s animated feature “Big Hero 6”.

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Paul Briggs

Posted at Aug 21st, 2013 by AnimDesk.

Paul Briggs - Storyboard Supervisor at Walt Disney Animations Studios

Paul Briggs works as a storyboard supervisor at Walt Disney Animations Studios, his latest film project includes: Big Hero 6 and Frozen, that came out in November, 2013. Paul have been working with Disney Animation for 16 years, but also had the privilege to work with Warner Bros', Animation and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

Paul grew up in San Antonio, Texas. but moved around a lot when he was younger. He studied in a small private art school in Kansas City, MO called "Kansas City Art Institute". Paul applied for the Disney Animation internship after an instructor in his school kept pushing him for this opportunity.

As of 2013, Paul is assigned to work as the storyboard supervisor on Disney's upcoming 3D animated movie: Big Hero 6.

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