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David Stodolny

Posted at Aug 30th, 2013 by AnimDesk.

David Stodolny - Senior Character Animator for Dreamworks Animation Studios

David Stodolny works as a senior character Animator for DreamWorks Animation Studios, founder and animator at Stodoe Animation Studio, and also an upcoming online Animation School course instructor at CGTarian.com.

David grew up in Brampton, Ontario, Canada which is just outside of Toronto. He has been animating since he was eleven years old and since then pushed himself into the Animation industry. For three years, David took the Classical 2D animation course at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

As of 2013, David is assigned to work on DreamWorks' upcoming 3D animated movie: "HOME".

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Kevan Shorey

Posted at Nov 4th, 2012 by AnimDesk.

Kevan Shorey - Character Animator At DreamWorks Animation

Kevan Shorey works as an Animator at PDI/DreamWorks Animation Studios, a position he took while working on the feature film Shrek 2 and since then has gone on to work on films including: How To Train Your Dragon, Gift Of The Night Fury, Megamind, Madagascar 2, Shrek 3, Shrek Spooky Stories, Megamind: Button of Doom.

As an only child growing up in a smallish village in Wales, Kevan tended to gravitate to activities that required imagination. He spent his time reading a lot and drawing a lot.

Kevan also used played Lego and computer games. He would become invested in the worlds and the characters that he was experiencing at the time, expanding on their stories in his head and externalising them through drawing.

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Sandro Cleuzo

Posted at Nov 24th, 2013 by AnimDesk.

We Interviewed Sandro Cleuzo - Character Animator at DreamWorks Animation Studios

Sandro Cleuzo is a golden age animator, he has been involved in a lot of memorable animated films such as 'Thumbelina', 'Fantasia 2000', "Emperor's New Groove", 'Anastasia', 'Enchanted' and many more.

Sandro was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.There he discovered his passion and talent for art in a young age. Ever since doing comics and animation, Sandro has kept his passion for art and eventually he started working in a comic book studio as an internship at the age of 14. Later on he moved to work at 'Briquet Films' to do In-Between and cleanup work where he eventually became a staff animator. 4 years later, Sandro moved to Ireland, to work for Don Bluth's Animation Studio.

His 6 years career at Don Bluth let him to work and animate memorable characters, and scenes on world level production animated features. After Don Bluth, Sandro moved between many studios such as: Fox Animation Studios, Disney Animation Studios and Rovio Entertainment.

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