Going back in Time - Pencil to Pixel

Posted at Apr 1st, 2012 by AnimDesk.

Pixar Animation Studios

Why do people go into animation schools? What's so unique about this art that gathers around many artists around the world?

We, at AnimDesk, remembers the days when the only available animation sources were books like The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation , The Animator's Survival Kit and many others that displayed the complex production process. They created a whole new world and left us with awe struck feelings on how amazing animation is and could be.

Nowadays we have newly improved technology that can (and has) reduced the production time vastly! Using tools such as: Drawing tablets, 3D Software, Digital editing rooms, painting tools, all of them which can separate the old school artist from the pencil and paper he used to sweat over with.

Although technology did create cost production to lower, this does not me that big studios forgot the old ways, and even today ,amy are going back into the paper/pencil combination to bring life into new characters.

And so, to remember the old times and how they fused into our 'modern' animation world, have a look at the below documentary for more detailed conversations and interviews with legends of the old, and masters of the present.