We Interviewed Paul Briggs - Storyboard Supervisor at Walt Disney Animations Studios

Posted at Aug 21st, 2013 by AnimDesk.

Paul Briggs - Storyboard Supervisor at Walt Disney Animations Studios

Paul Briggs works as a storyboard supervisor at Walt Disney Animations Studios, his latest film project includes: Big Hero 6 and Frozen, that came out in November, 2013. Paul have been working with Disney Animation for 16 years, but also had the privilege to work with Warner Bros', Animation and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

Paul grew up in San Antonio, Texas. but moved around a lot when he was younger. He studied in a small private art school in Kansas City, MO called "Kansas City Art Institute". Paul applied for the Disney Animation internship after an instructor in his school kept pushing him for this opportunity.

As of 2013, Paul is assigned to work as the storyboard supervisor on Disney's upcoming 3D animated movie: Big Hero 6.

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Reference in Animation

Posted at Aug 17th, 2013 by AnimDesk.

The term “live action” refers to the filming on actors (or animals) performing planned scenes for the cartoon characters before any animation begins. “Imaginative action” is the kind of animation that comes straight from the animator’s imagination and no use of live action scenes is needed.

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Principles Of Animation - Arcs

Posted at Jul 25th, 2013 by AnimDesk.

Very few living things on Earth include the ability to move in a fixed motion or movement. Most of them move in a circular path. During a fixed movement, different parts in their body: head, arms, legs, chest; will move straight and back again. These movements are affected by various attributes: weight, height, or shape of the skeleton; In the end, they will create an arc to finish their movement.

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We Interviewed Frank Abney - Character Animator

Posted at Nov 21st, 2012 by AnimDesk.

Frank Abney - Character Animator

Frank Abney works as an Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a job he he took after leaving 'Eidos Interactive' - 'Crystal Dynamics' Studios, where he worked on the "Tomb Raider" game, a position he took after working at Lightstream Animation Studios as a character animator for a TV show pilot.

Frank grew up in a Suisun, a small from Alameda, CA. He got into the animation business shortly after getting out of college. He learned a lot about all aspects of animation production, until one of his career advisors at the school gave his reel to a company that did online games, which then hired him as a 3d Artist/Animator.

Frank is responsible for character creation, shading, lighting, hair, animation, and rendering and a lot more! His latest works includes "Frozen", and Disney's "Big Hero 6"

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Principles Of Animation - Slow In Slow Out

Posted at Nov 20th, 2012 by AnimDesk.

Once an animator has finished his 'extreme' character poses and he assured to him self that the frames are the best he can possibly do for the audience to see.He has to time all the key frames to move quickly from one to another, so the rest of the footage of the scene would be as close as possible to the key frames

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