We Interviewed Jacob Gardner - Character Animator

Posted at Aug 9th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Jacob Gardner - Character Animator

Jacob has been working at Dreamworks Animation for over 5 years now. He worked on films such as "Shrek Forever After", Megamind, Puss in Boots, and "Rise of the Guardians". Jacob is also co-founder of the animation website "Speaking Of Animation"; where he gets to talk about all the things he know and interview people who knows far more than him.

Jacob found the love for animation at an early age. It was when he saw Aladdin (around 7 or 8 years old at the time ) and he just knew that he wanted to make drawings come to life. Jacob was fascinated by the crazy energy of the Genie, and something so endearing about the believability of Aladdin, which made him want to begin his journey into the animation industry.

The first professional work Jacob ever did was as a cycles animator on the feature "Monsters Vs. Aliens" at DreamWorks Animation. That means he had to make a lot of loops of background characters walking, running, screaming, sitting that the crowds department would populate into the backgrounds of shots to fill out the world that was created.

Since Joining to DreamWorks and working on many of their features, Jacob also joined the ranks of iAnimate.net as a full time feature animation instructor.

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We Interviewed Tim Allen - Stop Motion Character Animator

Posted at Jul 19th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Tim Allen - Stop Motion Character Animator

Tim is a freelance stop motion animator from Fleet, Hampshire who has enjoyed a 14 year career on a wide range of stop motion projects. Most recently he's been animating at Aardman on Shaun the Sheep and also at WoodsFilm on their promotional campaign for Boomerang TV. On special occasions, Tim ventures out to teach at universities, give workshops at festivals and teach the next generation of stop motion practitioners. His exploits have seen him been travelling all around Europe & beyond.

Some of Tim's many projects include Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox, Peter and the Wolf and Creature Comforts USA. Tim was Animation Supervisor on The Magic Piano creating some of the most ambitious animation of his career.

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We Interviewed Bobby Beck - Character Animator and CEO of Animation Mentor

Posted at Jul 19th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Bobby Beck - Character Animator & CEO and Founder Animation Mentor

Bobby Beck is a character animator and the CEO and co-founder of the online animation school, Animation Mentor, which was started in March, 2005. Animation Mentor was the first online school that helped students to pursue a career in the animation industry.

Bobby was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up, he always drew and had a big appetite for imagination. He lived right next to Mt. Diablo and used to climb it and let his imagination run wild; with monsters attacking him, space battles a plenty and lots of imaginary robots.

Bobby signed up for the Animation & Visual Effects program at Academy of Art University, however decided to drop out a yeah and a half in order to find a mentor to teach him 3D animation.

Bobby started his career working on a game called "Legend of Cain." and later on moved to Disney to work on "Dinosaur". Following Disney, Bobby started working for Pixar Studios on "Toy Story 2", "Monster’s Inc.", "Finding Nemo", "Boundin", "The Incredibles" and "Cars".

Bobby's idea for Animation Mentor came from the need to train high-level talent that just was not being done at the Universities at that time.

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We Interviewed Andrew Gonzalez - Cinematic Animator

Posted at Jul 18th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Andrew Gonzalez - Cinematic Animator

Andrew is a Cinematic Animator/Artist from Southern California. After graduating Full Sail University, Andrew worked as a freelance artist in Los Angeles and San Francisco on different projects and jobs ranging from graphic design, writing, coordinating for major television shows and feature animation.

Andrew has been animating for TV, Games and Featured Films. His venture into feature films began as an intern at PIXAR animation studios which led him to work on animated characters such as Sheriff Woody, James P. "Sully" Sullivan and other beloved animated characters.

Andrew just finished working at Warner Bros. on their newest addition to the Lord of The Rings game franchise: "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor".

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We Interviewed Brett Pascal - Technical Animation Director

Posted at May 17th, 2014 by AnimDesk.

Brett Pascal - Technical Animation Director

Brett Pascal grew up in Calgary Alberta Canada, and has been working in the animation industry since the year 1999. He landed his first game related job at Electronics Arts Canada in 2001 and stayed there until 2005. He has since left to work on Turok, and later on found other work for the next 8 years or so until he found himself back at EA.

Brett nowadays develops workflows, content, tools and plugins for the well known and acclaimed Frostbite 3 game engine, which is known to power several of EA's big hit games such as Battlefield 4, Need For Speed, Dragon Age: Inquisition and many more.

When not animating, Brett enjoys sports such as golfing, playing hoops, squash and floor hockey as a way to balance out all the sitting in front of a computer all day long.

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