Life in an Animation Studio

Posted at Oct 19th, 2009 by AnimDesk.

The late nights, the lack of sleep, the countless shots to draw, the tight schedule and the need for food! Those are all just a few examples of what an animation studio looks like in its middle of a tight schedule! And I guess that's what make animation so hard business to keep doing, but the satisfaction in the end is all worth it! No matter if you're an In-between animator, painter, key-animator, director or what not, the final movie/product is what's keep us going.

Here is an example of a daily life inside an in-house animation studio:

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Inside A-1 Animation Studios

Posted at Oct 8th, 2009 by AnimDesk.

It's always great to see nowadays how animation production companies workflow when they are creating their animated feature, which of the animation tools they are using, what techniques they are developing, how the studio basically looks like inside and sometimes the relation between the producer and the animators.

A-1 Pictures Inc. Is a Japanese animation studio, a sub company of Sony's anime production company Aniplex, that released among its titles a behind the scenes video production of Tonari no 801-chan R anime. The behind the scenes is a 4 mins long footage that includes some of the methods used by animators/artists in the production process at A1 Animation Studios.

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