Behind the scenes of Ghibli's "Spirited Away"

Posted at Feb 7th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

This is a great documentary on Ghibli's "Spirited Away" animated feature, that was created in the year 2000-2001 before the release to the cinema.

This documentary is only about the Animation department and their workflow on the movie. The process to create "Spirited Away" was hard and long, and in the end, the the final movie was a stunning work of art.

I hope you will enjoy this 'Behind the scenes' and keep on animating! Read more to see the behind the scenes video.

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What IS Animation?!

Posted at Jan 24th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

A lot of people gave their interpretation of "What IS Animation?", whether they spoke about it or visualized it. We all have our own way to experience animation. But no one can sum it up better than Tatsuya Egawa's character "Kintaro Oe" (From Golden Boy).

So, when ever you feel that you're down, whenever you feel your animation is not going anywhere, or that you're not good enough, Just think of "What IS Animation?!" by our animated friend Kintaro Oe, and I'm sure you'll find some extra will power!

Head over to to 06:55, and watch the amazing quote by Kintaro Owe about what is animation!

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Animation Production

Posted at Dec 8th, 2009 by AnimDesk.

We know how a production of every movie can be tedious job and time consuming (And requires a lot of money too), but.. Sometimes the lack of money doesn't mean lack of creativity and hard work! In the making of movie that I'm displaying you here, you can see, how the passion to create an animated film (in this case, 3D film) surpassed the lack of finance! This showed me once more how the love for what you do can triumph every single time!

Enjoy this wonderful 'making of'.

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Inside Production I.G Studio

Posted at Nov 3rd, 2009 by AnimDesk.

I.G Productions

Thanks to the guys at Anime News Network we're yet again can get a glimpse into the core of one of the most successful animation studios in Japan! This time it's Production I.G.

Production I.G is a Japanese anime studio and production enterprise, which was founded on by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa. The studio is well known for releasing the known titles: "Ghost in the Shell", "Patlabor", "Blood: the last Vampire", "The Prince of Tennis" anime and many more.

Production I.G was one of the first pioneers in digital animation in Japan, they have been praised using digital composting, digital effects, digital story-boarding and color usage in their anime productions.

Enjoy this fine piece of inside information about this amazing company.

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Inside Toei Animation Studio

Posted at Oct 24th, 2009 by AnimDesk.

If you ever wanted to get a glimpse into Toei animation's studio, here is your chance. In this 'behind the scenes' of Toei animation studio, you will find out about the studio's history, the animator's workflow and the software that they use nowdays, how their visual effects are created, the vision and future of the studio, and some other good gems. Many thanks to the guys at Anime News Network for releasing this fantastic footage. Enjoy.

Part 1

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