The Illusion of Life - Disney's Magic

Posted at Feb 27th, 2011 by AnimDesk.

Disney Studios

There are many 'Behind the Scenes' of animated filmes, which gives us helpful insight into the best studios out there, and as an animation fan as we are, we enjoy every chance to view and review this kind of knowledge!

We are now used to 3D and advanced (mixed) 3D-2D animated filmes, but, what about the old magic, the old paper and pencil magic that was well known in the mid of the 20th century ? Who could forget the magic that Disney (Walt Disney and the Nine Old Man) did back than?

Well, if you are new or old, you will never get tired of watching these gems that we put up for you to watch.

Part 1 of 5:

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Animation Reconstruction (update)

Posted at Apr 12th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

Transformers the Animated Movie Reconstruction

One of the things AnimDesk Studio can do, is animation reconstruction. Animation Reconstruction is a method where the original Animated film is being broken down into different elements such as backgrounds, foregrounds, repainted images, replaced animation and re-edited into a complete film with a new look and atmosphere.

Many animated films of the past were done with a rush, cells and drawings were done due to tight-schedule and only the key shots were done with high quality. Our studio can bring the high quality back into the film so the audience can enjoy the film as it should have right from the start.

This is a really time-consuming work and a different concept. We at AnimDesk are professional in animation reconstruction and the end result is fantastic.

Below is an example of a 'work in progress' of a film reconstruction. The target film is The Transformers: The Movie
that was hand-drawn and cell painted back in 1984 by Sunbow Productions.

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Behind the scenes of 'The Prince of Egypt'

Posted at Apr 7th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

The 'Prince of Egypt' by DreamWorks is one of the movies I love the most, the Story, the unique animation style, the backgrounds, the drawings and the sounds all came together beautifully in this film.

For those who have not yet watched the film, I urge you to watch it, it is such a good animated feature! more info on the movie you can check here.

Here is behind the scenes, enjoy!

Part 1:

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The Lion King's Animators Speaks

Posted at Feb 12th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

"The Lion King" is the only original animated story by Disney Animation and no doubt one of the best one that they ever did since the early days of animation.

But, what do we really know about the guys who actually animated the film? There is no doubt that this film had the best animators in the world working on it.

We can't miss not watching them speaks about how they worked on it and what steps they took in order to create the amazing characters of the film and what inspired Disney animators to create them.

Watch and enjoy the guys from Disney animation!

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Metting with Walt Disney's Aladdin Animators

Posted at Feb 10th, 2010 by AnimDesk.

Sometimes the best way to understand why Animators did what they on the film that they worked on is to take them all, sit them down on a comfortable chairs and than pick their brains outs!

In the case of 'Behind the scenes' of the animated feature Aladdin, the successful animation team came to an open meeting in front of a live audience (young animators) and were asked questions about the movie and how they worked on it.

The result is a 2 parts 'behind the scenes' documentary.


Part 1:

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